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Fastest Time to Productivity using DesignWare IP, HAPS with ProtoCompiler & Hybrid Prototyping

Hybrid IP Prototyping Kit

While traveling this week I found myself explaining the value of Hybrid Prototyping when used with DesignWare IP or your own IP blocks and RTL code. Simply put, using Hybrid Prototyping you can immerse the IP in the context of the SoC without needing to have RTL for the whole SoC. Hybrid Prototyping enables a Pre-RTL SoC representation to be rapidly created (using off the shelf Virtualizer Development kits as a starting point) and incorporating the block(s) under test modeled in HAPS Physical Prototype. This Hybrid Prototype is used for early software development in the case of the DesignWare IP and can be used in the same way for your own blocks in addition to increasing the verification of the design(s) under test.

Rather than writing an lengthy explanation I suggest you watch the Hybrid IP Prototyping Kits video which explains the key benefits of Hybrid Prototyping. Watch how the DesignWare Hybrid IP Prototyping Kits combine the benefits of virtual prototyping (Virtualizer) and FPGA-based prototyping (HAPS with ProtoCompiler) to speed development of DesignWare IP in 64-bit ARM-based designs

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Can you guess where I was last week from this picture?

What Was Mick Last Week?

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