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Mick’s Projects Update

The blog is about work in progress or completed

With it being USA Thanksgiving last week you would think I would have relaxed but I must say I’ve been very busy finishing off a couple of projects. So this week’s blog is on these my latest projects.

Firstly I put the finishing touches on the Sauna which was a birthday gift for my wife. It’s a kit from Finlandia which comes with almost everything you need, you just need to build it, roof it, tile the floor, install electric, you know, one of these “two weekend” projects

Outside view of our Finlandia Sauna

I had never done a shingle roof before but I must admit I really like the look. Actually the whole sauna looks and smells (cedar) nice.

The inside of our Finlandia Sauna kit

The inside is nice as well and the 8KW heater warms the sauna up in about 15 minutes even from freezing. It’s been great and the whole family is enjoying sauna time.

Next I completed the conveyor belt toy that I was building. It goes up and down with the use of a linear actuator and the conveyor moves objects like Lego’s from one end and drops them off at the others. In the pictures you can see it transporting from the toy box to the toy truck.  

Mick built conveyor belt toy. Belt runs, conveyor goes uo and down

Notice that I put a Lego plate on it so my son could build his own Lego structure on top of it.

Next project as a big one, a water feature for the local school. The school has an outside nature garden area and they wanted a water feature which the kids could play in, build dams and do all the fun things kids do with water. Well below is a picture of what I came up with.

The water feature I built for the local school

It uses a bilge pump to recirculate water from a tank. The surface is large pebbles and some odd rock columns I found at the local rock shop. It’s 12v battery powered that is recharged with a solar panel. It’s built with materials that can withstand the elements but the school thinks it looks so nice they are going to try and find somewhere to store it in the winter. It’s heavy with all the river rock but at least it has wheels to move it around.

Finally while with the in-laws over the thanksgiving weekend I thought I would play with my father-in-laws wood working lathe. I had bought him some wood blocks for Christmas and given them to him early…. I thought I would use one myself. Here is the result.

Mick Built Bowl, not bad for first time wood working lathe use

Not bad for a first time using a wood working lathe. The wood is Orange wood and it’s color matches it name

Opps, forgot one small project, I modified a box kit toy, the OWI-536 robot, to be wirelessly remote controlled. I don’t have a picture of that but I do have a short video: If you are wondering why it’s got a huge battery zip tied to the top stop and ponder this, I had all the parts for the modification laying around the garage.

Did you do any projects over the last couple of weeks? If yes send me a comment and tell me about them.

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