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How Proven Solutions Reduce Risk

How Proven Solutions Reduce Risk

A couple of weeks back Synopsys announced that we had shipped, to date, over 5000 HAPS systems across more than 400 customers

Synopsys Ships Over 5,000 HAPS Prototyping Systems for Software Development, HW/SW Integration and System Validation

HAPS FPGA-based Prototyping Systems Help More Than 400 Companies Accelerate Time to First Prototype and Avoid Costly Device Re-Spins

This week a prospective user asked me why they should care how many systems Synopsys had shipped. It’s very simple I said, it reduces your risk. Now why this reduces risk takes a little longer to explain as there are many aspects of risk.

A proven track record,  such as the one Synopsys has with HAPS, is very important to risk reduction. When you buy a product from a company that has delivered multiple generations of a product as well as shipping in volume you know that the products are field proven. This means that your project is less likely to run into surprise issues reducing your projects risk. Risk reduction like this is always hard to measure but cannot be ignored.

A track record like this also means that the company is invested heavily in the success and support of the product. Synopsys has over 240 engineers involved with the FPGA-based prototyping products meaning that you can be assured of timely updates, great support and new generations of products right when you need them.

HAPS Units Shipped

I recommend you all check out the latest Synopsys Insight publication. There is a great article titled “Prototyping Imagination’s PowerVR Series6XT Dual-Cluster 64-Core GPU” which documents prototyping the Imagination GPU using ProtoCompiler and HAPS.

Synopsys Insight Article. Imagination PowerVR 6XT on HAPS using ProtoCompiler

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