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How to shape the EDA landscape and the world we live in

It might be hard for you to comprehend but I have just celebrated my 20th year at Synopsys!!! (I started when I was 12…….. honest and I’ve just celebrated by 29th birthday for the 14th time) This blog is a short history of my time at Synopsys and how I think I have helped shape the EDA landscape which in turn has influenced the world we live in today.

I joined Synopsys in October 1994 as a hotline engineer supporting Design Compiler, as did everyone back in those days, but also to specifically focus on the newly acquired Logic Modeling line of products, the LM/MS hardware modelers and the simulation SmartModels.

Mick & Alex enjoy a beer in the UK

Boy I look young in that picture…… Alex, the person to the right of me, was hired a month before me, he too is still in the EDA business just proving that once you enter its very hard to leave. Alex was interviewed based on his great technical collage record, I was interviewed as the hiring manager loved Land Rovers and I had put in my aspirations section that I one day wanted to own one… The hiring manager also found it funny that I had put “Birdman of Brighton 1992” as one of my achievements. (Which is true by the way). Anyone with a sense of humor and some technical skills needed to be interviewed he said. Supporting hardware modeling (extra points for those of you who know what hardware modeling was) and SmartModels put me squarely in the Verification and Validation track and that theme continued during all my years at Synopsys.

While in the support role in the UK I used to create examples of the Hardware Modeler and SmartModels in action. I send these to customers to help them ramp up with the tools. At the same time I packaged them up and posted them on an internal website so other Synopsoids could use them. Well this leveraged activity was noticed by management in the USA and in 1997 I moved to the Synopsys Oregon office and took on the role as Technical Marketing Manager for the Hardware Modelers and SmartModel products. As I remember it these were the years of Synopsys, the soul of silicon. I create a DAC demo using the hardware model of the TMS320C51 and the Synopsys VSS simulator (bonus points if you remember VSS) which flashed Synopsys the Soul Of Silicon across a simulated display. In 1999, during my time as Technical Marketing Manager I was awarded the very prestigious Synopsys “Excellence” Award, recognizing my dedication to customer success and excellent execution. I’ve been striving to be awarded this for a second time but even though I have voted for myself a number of times I’ve not received it again. I helped launch Synopsys Arkos emulator and Synopsys Cyclone cycle based simulator, both of which were amazing technology (IMO). Cyclone was a simulator that you could rewind!! Fancy that, hit a bug and simply rewind the simulation and review the events leading up to the issue….

Flow for using Synopsys' hardware modeler with Synopsys' Cyclone cycle based simulator

In 2001 I started the ramp up to true marketing and was promoted to Product Marketing Manager where I revolutionized Synopsys memory models by introducing the DesignWare Memory Models which were compiled RTL with an intelligent C core enabling advanced testbench capabilities. At the same time I took on responsibility for the ARM AMBA-Bus-Based synthesizable IP which is still a critical part of the DesignWare IP offerings and utilized in 1000’s of chips.

In 2006 I was promoted again and took on the additional roll of DesignWare SATA IP. It was really more of the same in respect to my job requirements but as I always strive for excellence I did my very best job to drive the adoption of the IP solution. It was during this role that I started to travel much, much more especially internationally. This travel has not stopped and I’m pretty sure my rear end is now the shape of an economy airplane seat. We rode the semiconductor downturn and during this time I was happy that my “yes” approach to everything paid off. I’m always happy to take on anything that is thrown at me and during the years of reduced expenses I was happy that I was reviewed as an essential resource bringing high value to Synopsys.

2010 signaled by shift from IP to FPGA and I took on the role Product Marketing Manager for Synopsys FPGA-Based Prototyping products, both the HAPS hardware and the software products. I felt refreshed after doing IP for so long it was nice to have new challenges and REAL hardware again. Of course with real hardware comes totally different problems to solve. So all of this brings us to today,

Mick Posner, 007, Director of Marketing, FPGA-based Prototyping Products

I’m now Director of Marketing for FPGA-based prototyping products. 20 years of hard work has got me here and I’m really happy to have been a part of Synopsys, the best EDA company on the planet (IMO). Yes things have changed, Synopsys was pretty small when I first joined, less than 1000 people, and now we have people, processes and thousands of products, but the core values have not changes. I’m looking forward to my next set of challenges….. I also think about how many products on the market have been influenced by the products that I have lead, it’s hundreds and some have revolutionized our daily lives.

Thanks to everyone I have worked with over the last 20 years..

I need a couple of ideas of FPGA-based prototyping topics to blog about, please send me a comment with some ideas

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