Breaking The Three Laws


Solving the ASIC Prototype Partition Problem

A couple of weeks back I posted a humorous list of the quotes I use in my day to day life, one of which is “Hope is not a strategy”

Well as it turns out this caused quite a fluster as apparently hope is a strategy, well sort of. Here is a link to a Harvard Business Review Article – Hope as a Strategy, well sort of.

The premise is that when hope is based on real-world experience, knowledge and tangible and intangible data, it results in trust, which is necessary to implementing any strategy. What do you think about that? Is the word hope being used to explain the standard  practice of planning and factoring in the calculated risk assessment? If yes, this is going to totally revolutionize my life.

To ensure we have a little FPGA-based prototyping content this week I highly recommend the new Synopsys white paper on Solving the ASIC Prototype Partition Problem with Synopsys ProtoCompiler

ProtoCompiler whitepaper explaining how the challenge of multi-FPGA ASIC prototyping is solved automatically

The white paper describes the challenges of ASIC prototyping when the design has to be split up over multiple FPGA’s and how the new ProtoCompiler tool solves these challenges automatically. It’s a highly technical paper with in-depth data on how to rapidly partition an ASIC design ready for high performance prototyping. The ProtoCompiler tool can partition process a design in lass than 5 minutes and highlights bottlenecks which will limit the prototyping performance and pointers on how to resolve to deliver the maximum optimization.

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