Breaking The Three Laws


Off the Cuff Video from DAC meets Zombie apocalypse


One of my worst nightmares is to completely fail at something, actually one of my worst nightmares is a Zombie apocalypse where I am one of the zombies but that’s a story for another day. At DAC I was interviewed by EDACafe, one of those 3-5 minute casual interview videos that are done in one take. They call them casual but I can tell you they are nowhere near casual, I am personally super nervous in these. I am happier with well scripted and edited videos but I also understand that the off-the-cuff videos are well received by the viewer.

Anyway, here is the video from DAC 2014.

Remember the video is completely unscripted and shot in one take. I’m not a fan of seeing myself on video but I must admit that suit and tie combo rock. You can also hardly tell that I’m recovering from pneumonia.


Talking of off-the-cuff videos at DAC, here is another one (link below), this time featuring Asheesh Khare from Synopsys, explaining the new DesignWare IP Prototyping kits. All I can say is WOW!! Not only does Asheesh explain the solution very clearly he does it at the same time as connecting up the hardware and powering it up. Now that’s a professional at work. In future I will be renting Asheesh as my body double and have him star in all my videos.

And finally one last video from a USA 4th of July party….. Nothing like celebrating the USA independence from England with beer and a big canon. Enjoy.

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