Breaking The Three Laws


Go Faster Stripes

It’s was a short week for me with Memorial day on Monday and the I took Thursday off to play at the race track. Next week is DAC so if you happen to be visiting make sure you drop past the Synopsys booth and say hello. I’m only attending DAC on Monday so don’t miss out, maybe I’ll buy you a cup of coffee or something.

My track time this week was tough, I coach for a company called Hooked on Driving and this time I had a novice student who had never been on the track before as well as being the Group D lead. A group lead manages the group ensuring they are safe and controlled. Group D are the top advanced driver group, many of them long time racers, but Hooked on Driving is not a racing event. This group was very hard to control so on top of a novice student I was running around way more than usual. I actually only drove myself in the morning sessions. Here is a link to one lap following one of the Group D drivers. The good news was that my novice student was very easy going and did a great job on track as well as off track picking me up so I didn’t have to run around too much.

With DAC coming up I promise that I’ll have a lot to write about next week.

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