Breaking The Three Laws


Avoiding Virus Contamination

You might think this blog is going to be all about using high tech to avoid having your laptop infected with a nasty virus but it’s not. It’s about the traditional virus avoidance, trying not to contract the flu.

Unfortunately I returned from my China/Taiwan trip with a hitchhiker of significance, the flu. I’ve not been badly sick since 2011 and this flu knocked me off my feet. When I travel I try my best to stay healthy and I do a couple of things to avoid picking up a nasty bug. Below are a couple of the things that I do to avoid other peoples bugs:

  1. Sanitize my airplane space. I travel with bleach wipes and use them to sanitize the area around me on the plane. I ran out of these wipes before the last trip so this could have been where I picked up my bug
  2. Avoid touching my eyes, nose and mouth with my hands. This is the way bugs get in so just don’t do it
  3. Always sanitize or wash my hands after shaking hands with the people I meet. Washing the germs off is better than trying to kill them with chemicals but if sanitizer is all you have it’s better than nothing.
  4. Exercise. I don’t know if this helps but I feel more healthy when traveling if I continue to work out as normal
  5. Eat healthy. Again I don’t know if this helps but I feel better if I eat healthy foods. Sometimes while traveling you don’t get the choice of what you eat

What other tips would you provide to help stay healthy while traveling?

More on FPGA-based prototyping next week. I’m presenting at SNUG in San Jose this week so I’ll return to normal blogging later in the week.

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