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Command and Control

It’s been a quiet week for me and prototyping but I did talk to an engineer about command and control of an FPGA-based prototype which I thought was quite interesting I will share the story.

The engineer was designing a subsystem and within the FPGA-based prototype wanted the capability to pre-load the DDR memory with contents as well as to dynamically control the register configuration. Initially the engineer was thinking about building custom hardware and software capabilities to achieve this which was a long and risky approach. I was able to make the engineer very happy by providing them an overview of the available Universal Multi-Resource Bus (UMRBus) capabilities the HAPS systems have.

To solve the pre-load problem the engineer had the UMRBus can be combined with a transactor which enables data to be easily written across from the host directly into the DDR memory. The UMRBus interfaces with a standard transactor like one for AMBA AXI. The data is written from the host and the transactor passes the data to the on chip bus interconnect which enables the data to be written to memory. The engineer can use the simple TCL based UMRBus interface from the host to facilitate this data write or could also make use of the generic C++ API and create a more comprehensive setup. It should be noted that in addition to pre-loading the memory like this the memory can also be read back for post process data analysis.

To solve the problem of dynamically controlling the DUT within the prototype the UMRBus can be deployed again. This time rather than using a full transactor the engineer would make use of the Client Application Interface Modules, CAPIM, which is a simple write/read interface which can be customized to meet the design interfaces needs. This was perfect for this use case as the DUT had a simple registered interface meaning the CAPIM could quickly be wired up to it. Again the CAPIM can be accessed via the simple TCL interface or from the C++ API.

Problem solved, happy engineer.

Talking of command and control I’m currently building a toy for Christmas which is designed to be like a command and control module.

This is just a picture of a little bit of the project. The front panel will have switches, buttons, dials and LED’s which my son will be able to play with. It doesn’t really do anything specific other than light up LED’s but when you add a child’s imagination to this it will turn into amazing things. The command module of a boat, car, space ship, submarine and everything else that they can imagine. I’ve been working on it for a couple of weeks now and I’ll post pictures of the final product closer to Christmas.

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