Breaking The Three Laws


Learning A New Thing Every Week

I don’t know about you but this has been a whirlwind week for me. I was at the corporate Synopsys offices in Mountain View CA working with the HAPS hardware and software development teams. I also video interviewed Eric “Hollywood” Huang on the DesignWare 10G USB 3.1 teams use of the HAPS-70 systems. We will edit and post that video in a couple of weeks. I was making fun of Eric because he is always doing videos and it looks so easy. I have to say doing videos is not easy as Eric makes out. Kudos to him.

I received a copy of the DSP-FPGA 2013-2014 resource guide this week and I was pleased to see the HAPS-70 highlighted on the cover.

That was the highlight of the week for me. The lowlight was that I found out the hard way that I have a severe allergic reaction to something. On Thursday afternoon after a sushi lunch and then a snack of pretty much every type of candy made available to employees at our office my lower lip started to swell up. I knew I was having an allergic reaction to something but it was just my lip so I was not that worried by it and set off to the airport via returning my rental car. I did stop off and pick up and take two antihistamine tablets just in case. Unfortunately within the 20 minutes it took to get to the Avis rental car return center my lower lip has continued to swell and both my upper lip and right side of my face were swelling up. Not good.

A nice lady called Carrie greeted me as I got out of the rental car and she asks me the standard “How are you today sir?” I usually reply “I’m fine” but of course today I didn’t. I calmly said to her “Usually I would say I’m ok but today I seem to be having an allergic reaction and to be honest I’m going to go downstairs and find myself a paramedic!”. Carrie was great, rather than just continuing with her job she grabbed my bags and escorted me to the lower floor and got the paramedics on the phone. Based on the fact that my face had swollen up in less than 30 minutes the paramedic dispatcher confirmed what I already knew, allergic reaction. Thanks Carrie for taking good care of me.

Within 3 minutes the fire department had arrived (standard protocol) and 5 of the nicest and beefiest firemen came to talk to me. Then the paramedics came and took me to the hospital. The paramedics confirmed that taking the antihistamine was the right thing to do. Anyway to put a long story short at 4pm I was in hospital and by 7pm I was discharged. The face swelling went down as fast as it came up.

Here I am 5 minutes before discharge. I’m rather sad looking but at least most of the swelling had subsided and I was going to live to blog another day.

Unfortunately as I ate a whole load of different things I have no idea what triggered the reaction. The result of this means I now have a new tool as part of my standard travel stuff, an Epipen…

Joy…… Like the title states, learning a new thing every week… I didn’t say learning a good thing every week….

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