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I’ve got the MIPI’s and it’s contagious

Of course I am talking about the MIPI protocols and not something you can catch from too much internet. I’ve blogged about MIPI and FPGA-based prototyping before but I felt it was time to talk about MIPI again as it’s exploding all over the mobile market. In addition to the well know MIPI specifications for Camera and Display interfaces, CSI and DSI you now have UFS for mass storage, High Speed Synchronous, Low latency, Peripheral interface and the list goes on.

Click on the picture below to see the MIPI Alliance ( ) simplified picture explaining the various MIPI interfaces

MIPI is even being linked to USB 3.0. When you have emerging standards like this there will be a huge amount of development effort to both create and develop new hardware and the software that manages it. This is exactly the strength of FPGA-based prototyping. It provides a pre-silicon development platform to complete both hardware and software development tasks. One of the other great things about FPGA-based prototypes is they also enable pre-silicon demonstrations. Below is a snapshot of the MIPI video demos Synopsys has captured.

Integrating MIPI IP into your low-power SoC design for mobile applications? Check out the latest DesignWare® MIPI® IP videos, all developed to help you successfully implement silicon-proven MIPI functionality into your SoC with less risk and improved time-to-market.

Industry’s First MIPI M-PHY Operating in HS-Gear3 PHY
This demo shows the industry’s first HS-Gear3 MIPI M-PHY as tested on Tektronix equipment. The DesignWare MIPI M-PHY performance results are shown from the transmitter side of the equipment as well as the results of PBRS test pattern generation on the receiver side.
MIPI D-PHY IP Conformance Demo
Synopsys showed DesignWare MIPI® D-PHY, DSI and CSI-2 IP passing conformance testing at Mobile World Congress 2013. The setup captured the DesignWare D-PHY output and analyzed the results for conformance. Synopsys is the only IP vendor showing complete CSI-2, DSI and D-PHY solutions conforming to the latest specifications.
Industry First: USB 3.0 SSIC with MIPI M-PHY Demo
This video shows the industry’s first demo of DesignWare USB 3.0 Device and Host IP running on a multi-gear MIPI M-PHY (supporting Gear1, Gear2, and Gear3).
Industry’s First GEAR3 M-PCIe and M-PHY IP Demo
At PCI-SIG DevCon 2013, Synopsys showed the industry’s first GEAR3 rate B M-PCIe Controller and silicon-proven M-PHY IP demonstration.
UFS Host and MIPI UniPro IP Interoperability Demo
This demo highlights the DesignWare UFS Host and MIPI UniPro IP solutions’ proven system-level interoperability, which lowers integration risk for mobile SoCs.


For more information on MIPI, visit Synopsys’ MIPI blog, On the Move.

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Why do I have to be careful for brussels I wonder? Are they talking about brussels the place or brussel sprouts? And if the latter then how did they know I had to be careful with them?

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