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Debug and Bring-Up Automation & Top Tip #1

FPGA-based prototypes offer tremendous value for system-on-chip validation and hardware/software integration by delivering high capacity, fast clock performance, and real-world I/O connectivity. The combination of performance and high-fidelity makes software integration and development tasks feasible months before test silicon is available. But when something goes wrong, debugging a complex prototype can be challenge.

Synopsys is hosting a web seminar on this subject and I recommend that you all attend it.

What will you learn during this event:

  • How to quickly import simulator debug views into a FPGA-based prototype
  • How to avoid prototype assembly problems by utilizing system self-checks
  • How to ease block-level validation of IP with high-capacity debug storage

Date: September 26, 2013

Time:8:00 AM PDT

Duration: 45 minutes + 15 minutes QA


Off subject, I like to leverage my knowledge to enhance the people around me, this blog is a perfect fit for this as it enables me to share my expertise with a wide audience. With this in mind what I am going to share with you will revolutionize your lives. So picture this, you sit down at a large dinner table with business associates and the restaurant has crushed all ten of you on one small table. You look down, all the side plates and glasses are next to each other at every place setting. Gasp, horror, which bread plate is yours? Which glass should you be drinking from? This could make or break the big deal you are working on, the impact of drinking from the wrong glass could be catastrophic. Worry no more, Mick has the solution for you.

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Do you have other top tips? Send me a note and I’ll share it with others.

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