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Reuse ROI Proof Point, USB 3.0 SSIC across MIPI M-PHY with a slice of HAM

I have to hand it to Eric Huang and Hezi Saar they make entertaining videos that turn USB 3.0 and MIPI M-PHY from boring to wow. Check out their latest video which shows Synopsys’ DesignWare USB 3.0 RTL controller running on the HAPS-51 (-2) systems with Synopsys’ MIPI M-PHY.  

While not directly shown in the video this setup is running on the HAPS-50 series systems. The HAPS-50 series was first launched in May of 2007, that’s 6 years ago. One of the key benefits of HAPS is the ability to reconfigure and tailor the system to multiple uses across multiple projects. The return on investment increases each time the systems are reused.

Reuse ROI is one of the factors that should be considered when you look to either build your own FPGA board or invest in Synopsys’ HAPS systems. Typically this reuse ROI is forgotten when calculating the cost of ownership of each solution. An in-house board is typically designed with a specific project in mind and its reuse to the next project or with another group in the same company is very limited due to this specific functionality. The generic nature of the HAPS systems mean they can be reused over and over and over again across multiple projects and teams.

I’m out on vacation for a week so unless I find a guest blogger I won’t be posting for two weeks. Don’t forget about me!

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