Breaking The Three Laws


HT 3 Connector Utilization Recommendation

I snapped off the picture of the HAPS-70 system below at a recent customer meeting and it gave me the idea for this blog. Other than the fact that the systems look “well sexy” (Yes, usually a term you do not hear used to describe hardware) this picture also highlights the flexible nature of the system interconnect architecture with the high performance coax cables and recommended usage.

The two rows of Hapstrak 3 (HT 3) connectors down the center of the systems have been used for inter-FPGA interconnection. Utilizing these connectors minimizes the cable lengths. As the interconnect architecture provides bank, super logic region and connector 1:1 mapped all trace & delay length matched, timing closure is simplified. It also keeps the systems looking neat and tidy.

The external connectors are used for mounting of daughter boards or for interconnections between multiple systems. This is the recommended way to utilize the highly flexible interconnect architecture of the HAPS-70 systems

Happy Holidays, this is my last blog post for the year. If you have suggestions for Blog Topics for 2013, send me a note with the suggestion

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