Breaking The Three Laws


Happy Holidays from the HAPS Team

I was going to blog something all technical with massive value to you, the readers, but then I got sidetracked when one of our customers sent me a humorous picture of their HAPS Christmas tree.

This tree is beautifully decorated with various HAPS accessories. For those of you with HAPS you may recognize the fan shrouds which look like gold stars. The HAPS interconnect cables is modeling the tinsel. Various HAPS daughter boards act as the ornaments. I was also very impressed to see that HAPS shipping tags were used to model Christmas gift tags.  This customer is being very successful with HAPS to enable them to have enough time to decorate a Christmas tree like this.

Along the theme of Christmas here is another picture with a holiday theme. Yes that’s me (horrible picture IMO) standing in front of the largest indoor Christmas tree that I have ever seen. This picture was taken in a shopping mall in Yokohama when I was over in Japan for the recent ET/EDS fair.

And for some reason if you have taken the time to read all the way to this point I’ll give you some technical value. Based on my blog on the launch of the HAPS-70 solution a month back I was asked what the framework was for around the physical PCB’s of the HAPS-70 systems. The answer is framework, sometimes known as the Hamster UFC cage, is designed to enable systems to be stacked reducing the physical footprint. Below you can see an example of this stacking, neat isn’t it.

Happy Holidays !!!!

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