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Caught on Camera, MIPI Prototype in the Wild

This week I ran across more FPGA-based prototyping in the wild! I was visiting the Synopsys corporate offices in Mountain View CA when I walked past the cube of Hezi Saar. Hezi is the product manager of Synopsys’ DesignWare IP for MIPI. In Hezi’s cube I say this very pretty enclosure housing the MIPI D-PHY test chip daughter boards and a HAPS-51 system with the CSI and DSI digital controllers were running on.

Say hello to Hezi

I popped over to Hezi’s blog, “On the Move”, a blog dedicated to trends in mobile electronics connectivity related to MIPI and found a couple more picture of the system.

Above you can see a similar system at the Mobile Expo in June 2012. It’s pretty cool if I do say so myself. The little 3rd party image sensor passes data to the DesignWare CSI controller, hosted in HAPS, via the real DesignWare D-PHY’s. There is a small bridge, DesignWare IP for AMBA interconnect and microcontroller (running SW API) connecting to the DesignWare DSI controller, again, all in HAPS. The DesignWare DSI controller connects to another real DesignWare D-PHY daughter board which pumps the data to the 3rd party DSI display. See the block diagram below.

This design demonstrates one of the key strengths of HAPS FPGA-based prototyping for system validation. In system validation you want to connect the design to the real world and immerse it in real world stimuli. In this case what better way to validate the DesignWare D-PHY, CSI and DSI controllers than connecting them to 3rd party real image sensors and DSI based displays

Do you have a picture of your FPGA-Based Prototyping system in the “wild”? drop me a comment and share a picture and I’ll post if for you.

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