Breaking The Three Laws


Build Your Own HAPS-70 Series System

One of the cool interactive features you find standard across automotive websites today is a “Build Your Own” capability where you select from a range of options to create your customize dream vehicle. Or if not a dream something that fits the family budget. Base or Premium? Dark Grey Metallic or Ticket Magnet Red? Fog Light Kit and Spoiler? As you add each item a running tally is kept so you’re left with a convenient summary of the specifications.

When we rolled out the HAPS-70 Series this year we wanted to provide a similar “Build Your Own” experience for the engineers who are considering the latest FPGA-based prototyping technology. The HAPS-70 Series System Builder at allows you to estimate prototype system resources, connectivity options, and then generate a report of the recommended Synopsys hardware and software components.

There are 4 categories of questions you answer as you progress through the System Builder:

–          What is the approximate design size in terms of ASIC system gates?

–          What interfaces such as DDR memory or PCIE will be required?

–          Will the prototype connect to a host workstation and other verification and prototyping tools?

–          Who are the end users of the prototype? Prototype developers and software/firmware developers?

Given these estimates the System Builder will help you obtain an accurate bill of materials of the system components and tools without being an expert about the range of Synopsys HAPS systems, daughter boards, and software tools. If you choose to submit the summary report to Synopsys it helps to jump start the dialog with the prototyping specialist in your area.

Try the System Builder and let us know what you think.

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