Breaking The Three Laws


I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Hybrid Prototyping

Based on the title of this blog you can see why I work in the EDA industry, I’m no lyric writer. There is a reason behind the title though, I am not the only one who thinks Hybrid Prototyping is a great solution enabling earlier prototype availability meaning you can start software development earlier.

The chart above is results from the ongoing survey that has to be completed before the FPMM electronic book version can be downloaded. If you are downloading the book then in some form of fashion you understand what prototyping is used for and hence is qualified to complete the survey. This question we ask if the user has ever considered combining Virtual with FPGA-Based Prototypes. As you can see 38% have considered combining which in itself validates the Hybrid Prototyping use mode. Of course the more interesting data point is to find out why the other users either said no or N/A.

As you can see from the above results chart the #1 reason is time and expertise. So you could interpret this result to mean that more users want to combine but they think the barrier to setting up such an environment is too great. This is exactly the problem that Synopsys’ Hybrid Prototyping solution goes about solving. The Synopsys solution includes the tools, models, hardware and infrastructure enabling anyone to start Hybrid Prototyping. No longer is this technology reserved for companies that have the time and expertise to create such a setup. The question is do you agree?

Oh and for those who answered the question with one of the other options it’s time to update your 1970’s-based information. Prototyping of all types, Virtual, FPGA-based and Hybrid are successfully enabling companies like yours to start software development earlier and complete intensive HW/SW validation tasks months before actual silicon is available.



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