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Meet the Prototypers #2: Configuration and debug of PCIe in the lab

The North American leg of our FPMM Workshop world tour is over and what a brilliant series it has been so far! I have met prototypers working on many different projects; some new to prototyping, some very experienced, but all looking to make connections and share best practices with other prototypers in their area.

In the sessions, we were privileged to hear from some prototypers who presented about what prototyping has done for them. We heard from some very well known names and aim to post their stories on this blog in the coming weeks. In the meantime, I am very happy to share with you a video created by one of our in-house prototypers, Torrey Lewis, which we shared at some of the recent workshops.

Torrey is based in the Synopsys labs in Hillsboro, Oregon, where he works on proving the latest IP titles using FPGA-based prototypes. The video runs for 15 minutes and shows the flow for configuring IP titles for simulation and prototyping before Torrey takes us into the lab to see the HAPS-51 and other hardware in action. We then switch to seeing the design debugged remotely using the Identify RTL Debugger and a LeCroy PCIe Analyzer.

Having experts like Torrey in the Synopsys team is mutually beneficial. The Certify, Identify and HAPS teams get first-hand feedback on product performance while the IP team don’t have to create their own FPGA boards anymore. In fact, it’s the industry in microcosm, and a relationship that’s repeated many times in labs around the world.
We look forward to sharing more “Meet the Prototypers” stories with you over the coming weeks, in the meantime, I look forward to meeting more of you at forthcoming FPMM Workshops as they come to a city near you.
All the best,

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