Breaking The Three Laws


Prototyping High-Speed USB 3.0 – see the video

hi all,

We are in the thick of our FPMM workshops. Thanks to all those who have come along to their local workshop and given us such excellent feedback. glad you’ve foubnd the book and the workshops so useful. Let’s keep in touch!

In the meantime, we thought you’d appreciate seeing a real world prototype in action. Our Synopsys colleague, Eric Huang, loves to put video on his blog, which has the brilliant name “To USB or not to USB”.  There’s a great video of the use of a HAPS-based protoype running at USB 3.0 speeds. This video was taken at the Intel Developers Forum (IDF) last autumn (look for new videos of the most recent IDF soon!).

We will have other videos here from time to time and also many FPMM workshop attendees are signing up to be guest bloggers, so look for more “Meet the Prototypers” posts soon. There’s nothing as inspiring as other’s success, is there?

Happy prototyping!

Doug and Mick

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