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Meet the Prototypers #1 : Prototyping enables immediate BBC Demonstration of DVB-T2-Lite

Problem: How do you start live tests of the new DVB-T2-Lite standard within days of it being approved?

Answer: With an FPGA-based prototype of course!

The link takes you to the British Broadcasting Corporations (BBC) R&D Blog where they talk about test transmissions of the new DVB-T2-Lite standard.  They started live transmissions within days of the standard being approved by developing prototype transmitter (modulator) and receiver (demodulator) designs. 

Justin Mitchell of the BBC with the prototype modulator
Justin Mitchell of the BBC with the prototype modulator (Look closely, there is Synopsys HAPS FPGA-based prototype systems in the enclosure)

The BBC were key contributors to the FPMM and their success with the DVB-T2-Lite go live clearly endorses their expertise in both the digital broadcasting and prototyping fields.

For those interested the new T2-Lite profile is designed to make use of the same reliable features we are familiar with from DVB-T2, but by a careful selection of a sub-set of modes, allows for receivers to be implemented using much smaller and more efficient silicon chips. So T2‑Lite will efficiently deliver TV and radio to mobile devices such as phones and tablets (for which power consumption is an important issue) and in-car at the same time as providing services to existing fixed receivers.

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