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Is Your MOSFET Suffering the Effects of Aging?

Hello everyone,

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Welcome Again!


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NanoTime Static Timing in Custom Designer

NanoTime is our transistor-level static timing product for custom designs. Since Custom Designer is for custom design too it was natural that we’d integrate the two tools together. Released in June of 2010, the NanoTime integration into Custom Designer lets users do concurrent timing and SI analysis for designs of up to 6 million devices and see the whole timing picture in schematics and layout.

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Only Three Months to Get There

For those of you who made it to the recent San Jose SNUG meeting, you may have noticed a presentation titled, “Using Custom Designer to ‘Blow Up’ a Design”. I can assure you there were no pyrotechnics involved – the ‘Blow Up” really meant ‘Scale Up” since the paper detailed how we were able to use the power of Custom Designer to reverse the sands of time.  Our normal IP flow is a forward migration from an existing process node down the scaling curve to a more advanced – smaller – node.  In this case, several customers requested a 130nm implementation of a piece of our production proven IP that had just been released on 65nm. Our customer made this request for a variety of reasons but one key reason was tied to the higher cost of 65nm mask production. Moving the design to 130nm would save them a ton of money even if it seems to be moving backwards.

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Welcome to the New Custom Design Blog!

Hello, and welcome to our new blog on the state of custom and AMS IC design at Synopsys. We set out some years ago to address the need for alternatives in custom and analog design software, and with the launch of Galaxy Custom Designer in 2008 we are seeing that vision realized.

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Get HIP at DAC

No… I’m not referring to the infamous Denali Party at DAC. It’s really hard to be hip if you dress like those guys in Disco Inferno. No, if you really want to get HIP at DAC, you need to know about the HSPICE Integrator Program. Clever… eh? 🙂

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