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Announcing the 2017.03 Release of HSPICE, FineSim, and CustomSim

Hi folks!

I am back! These past two months (since my last post) have been eventful. There have been multiple AMS related events since SNUG Silicon Valley –

And on May 4th, we announced the 2017.03 release of our circuit simulation products. So what’s new in the latest 2017.03 release? Let’s take a look:


Robust AMS design is increasingly becoming a formidable challenge, driven by the transition to FinFET technology nodes and the emergence of new IC applications such as Automotive. FinFET designs have significantly larger post-layout parasitics. In addition, the impact of variation is more prominent in FinFET technologies due to worsening operating conditions – wider PVT range and lower headroom. And these operating conditions are further exacerbated by the stringent needs of applications such as Automotive. All of these factors make the trifecta of simulator challenges – accuracy, performance, and capacity – very daunting.

The 2017.03 release of HSPICE, FineSim, and CustomSim extends Synopsys’ performance leadership by delivering impressive single core and multi-core performance improvements. In addition, the new release also delivers advanced Monte Carlo-based variability analysis and reliability analysis capabilities to accelerate robust AMS design.

Performance Highlights:

  • Single core performance improvements across all simulators for large post-layout FinFET designs
    • 5X speed-up on HSPICE
    • 3X speed-up on FineSim
    • 2X speed-up on CustomSim, specifically for analog, mixed-signal, and custom digital designs
  • Additional performance through multi-core and multi-machine scalability
  • Additional 2X throughput improvement on FineSim for multi-corner analysis on post-layout designs
    • FineSim has algorithms that optimize parasitic back-annotation based on circuit activity

Variability and Reliability Analysis Highlights:

  • 2X Monte Carlo capacity improvement in CustomSim, enabling designers to run one-million-transistor designs
    • Users can also realize higher Monte Carlo throughput in general for existing designs
  • Support for Modified Distribution in Monte Carlo across HSPICE, FineSim, and CustomSim, enabling users to modify input distributions to get more samples in the tail regions
    • Allows users to perform more targeted Monte Carlo analysis on the tail regions of the distributions with fewer samples
  • 2X performance in CustomSim for FinFET device aging analysis
  • Self-heat-aware electromigration (EM) analysis for FinFETs in CustomSim
    • Captures the impact of device self-heating on metal overlay, allowing for a more accurate EM analysis

In the next few posts, I will delve into some of the simulator-specific enhancements now available in the 2017.03 release.

So please stay tuned…


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