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HSPICE Insider Insights: Gain and Noise Prediction

Hello again HSPICE users!

We’ve received a lot of feedback for our HSPICE Tips & Tricks Webisode Series, and some of you have asked us to explain some tried-and-true analysis techniques. In webisode #9—Linear Amplifier Analysis: Predicting Gain and Noise Performance—Synopsys’ HSPICE “guru” Scott Wedge leads a back-to basics discussion about gain and equivalent input noise using the example of a linear amplifier. After viewing this 15-minute webisode, you will know how to easily simulate and characterize related key figures of merit, such as ordered noise-contributing components, maximum gain, 3dB bandwidth product, phase response, etc.

Best of all, the complete demo case used in the webisode is available for free—watch the webisode then request your own copy and try it out for yourself!


We continue to expand the HSPICE Tips & Tricks Webisode Series, a collection of technical mini webinars to help make your simulation tasks easier and more productive. Topics that have been covered to-date include: S-element, eye diagrams, IBIS-AMI, RUNLVL, Monte Carlo analysis, and MOS reliability & analysis. If there are other topics you’d like us to address, feel free to add a comment on the webisode landing page.

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