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HSPICE Celebrates 35 Years of Gold-standard Success

Hello again, HSPICE aficionados! (You may have noticed a trend—the HSPICE folks have been very busy lately!)

2016 marks the 35th anniversary of HSPICE, the universally recognized golden reference circuit simulator. In EDA, an industry that is well known for its dynamic mergers and acquisitions and fast-paced product evolution, it is rather remarkable for a product to be able to celebrate such longevity. And more importantly, longevity full of vibrancy and innovative spirit!


A Little History

HSPICE started off at Meta-Software in the early 1980s as one of the first commercially available circuit simulators, and quickly succeeded in satisfying circuit designers’ unmet demand for timely, reliable, and sustainable technical innovation and product support. They went on to pioneer various device model technologies and simulation techniques, and eventually established HSPICE as the most trustworthy simulator. Fortunately for all HSPICE users, its golden-reference reputation not only survived but flourished through two acquisitions: Meta-Software by Avant! (1996) and then Avant! by Synopsys (2002).

HSPICE is “On Trend”

HSPICE’s success has run parallel to that of the semiconductor/IC industry, particularly the foundry-fabless business model. Close collaboration between HSPICE and foundries, on one hand, and fabless companies, on the other hand, has made it both mandatory and possible for HSPICE to continuously rise to meet the never-ending technical challenges. As one technical guru from the world’s leading foundry commented at a recent HSPICE SIG event, it was the HSPICE team’s open-mindedness and cooperative attitude that made it a no-brainer for him and his company to choose Synopsys as the partner to develop industry-leading solutions.

And that is what makes it possible that HSPICE, now 35 and in its prime, stays front-and-center helping designers cope with the latest simulation challenges, be they from disruptive 3D FinFET device technology, ever-stringent system specifications, or unconventional circuit design techniques.

The speakers at this year’s HSPICE SIG event did a fantastic job vividly sharing their experiences that attest to HSPICE’s continuing value. For a detailed write-up on these technical presentations, read the SemiWiki article “HSPICE—35 and looking good!”.

So, as we continue our journey into this new year, we give a salute to the continuing technology innovation from HSPICE, one of the most, if not the most, enduring products in all EDA history!

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