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DAC 2015 Circuit Simulation Videolog now available


From my previous post (dated in June, I know, my blogging frequency could be higher:)), you may have noticed that we focus this year’s event to be performance, highlighting through customer presentations how Synopsys circuit simulation tools’ superior performance address mixed-signal design challenges of today and tomorrow.

We had a very successful event with a large audience and speakers from TSMC, Altera, Xilinx and ST.

Well, it is your lucky day, the videolog is now available 🙂

You can preview our videolog at:

In summary, our panelists gave very strong endorsements, highlighting the superior performance and multi-core scalability of our circuit simulation tools.


Below are the highlights of the talks:

TSMC speaker highlighted how SRAM designs at 16nm/10nm FinFET nodes require simulations on multiple process corners, have tighter accuracy requirements with significantly more RC parasitics. With latest enhancements in CustomSim, TSMC speaker described how they are able to meet the performance and accuracy requirement while maintaining their aggressive timelines.

Altera speaker shared how, through extensive benchmarking, they selected FineSim SPICE over competition due to its single-core performance and multi-core scalability. The speaker shared benchmark data showing FineSim SPICE was on average 2X faster than competition, and endorsed FineSim SPICE as the key ingredient in meeting project schedules for advanced node designs.

Xilinx speaker described how VCS AMS enables them to extend UVM-based digital verification and Real Number models to mixed-signal verification with CustomSim & VCS co-Simulation flow. The speaker endorsed VCS AMS as the fastest mixed-signal simulation solution on the market with better accuracy and easier setup/debug flow.

ST Micro speaker’s talk was focused on how they use CustomSim and VCS AMS for their Smart Power AMS verification for BCD process technology. Key takeaways were that CustomSim and VCS AMS are ST’s reference FastSPICE and mixed-signal simulation solution with superior performance. The speaker endorsed the new BCD optimizations in CustomSim and showed 2X faster results using the latest release of CustomSim.

Great event ! Thanks to our speakers and hope to see you next year. Feel free to contact me anytime if you have any questions.

DAC AMS Panelists

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