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AMS HSPICE SIG dinner during DesignCon 2015: Best-in-class techniques and solutions for Power and Signal Integrity analysis

Happy Thursday,

I just wanted to remind our dear Synopsys HSPICE users (and other AMS aficionados..) about our yearly HSPICE SIG event. This event has grown other the years and present each year topics related to circuit simulation challenges. Because HSPICE combines transistor-level accuracy with comprehensive signal integrity analysis, and is the golden reference for IBI and IBIS-AMI modeling,  the SIG presentations this year will focus on signal and power integrity analysis of multi-gigabit serial links.

DATE: January 28, 2015

TIME: 6:00 p.m.-9:00 p.m.

LOCATION: Santa Clara Marriott Hotel
2700 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054

To register to our event, you can use the link listed below:

In addition to providing a great dinner and technical presentations by industry leaders and Synopsys R&D, we will also host a cocktail hour where our HSPICE Integrator Program partners will exhibit their circuit simulation solutions.

We are looking forward to meeting you there.


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