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DVCON Videolog on “User Experiences at the Forefront of Mixed-Signal Verification” now available

I know, it’s been a while… )

Well sadly, I have no other excuse than just being busy… Since fall is usually the beginning of hibernation, I have decided to buck this trend and start blogging again, as we are going to have many events and new features to cover for Mixed-Signal Verification in the coming months.

If you are familiar with my blog, you may have read some time ago a summary report on the DVCon tutorial on “User Experiences at the Forefront of Mixed-Signal Design and Verification” (see link below):

This tutorial was very well attended by digital and AMS engineers due to the versatility and depth of its content.

Well, this is your lucky day—this amazing event is now available online…and at no cost :)! You can access it on the Accelera website at:

As usual, feedback is more than welcome…

And lastly, because today is Halloween and I could not resist, I am enclosing a picture of the best Mixed-Signal costume I could find..

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