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DesignCon 2014 AMS verification track – Call for papers open until Aug 5th

Happy Thursday ! I can’t believe it is already end of July…

Talking about end of July, I wanted to reach to our AMS community regarding DesignCon 2014. As you may (or may not… ) know, I chair the Analog and Mixed-Signal Design and Verification track for DesignCon 2014. Our call for papers is now open and the deadline for proposals is August 5th, 2013. Note that paper proposals need only include a short abstract and summary to be considered by the DesignCon Technical Program Committee. Full paper submissions are not due until November 19th, 2013. Regular papers at DesignCon are presented in 40 minute sessions. However, if you have content that requires a more in-depth treatment, we encourage you to submit an abstract for a Tutorial Session, which can be 3 hours in duration.

Samples topics can be:

Design & verification methodologies

Simulation algorithms and techniques

Mixed-signal behavioral modeling approaches

Verilog-A, Verilog-AMS, VHDL-AMS, SystemVerilog, SystemC-AMS, etc.

Mixed-domain design and verification solutions

MEMS, electro-optics, mechatronics, etc.

Mixed-domain/mixed-language verification strategies

Analog IP: selection, integration, and modeling

Coverage, metrics, and closure management

Yield analysis, Monte Carlo methods, and optimization approaches

On-chip inductors: design and modeling

RLCK extraction: post-layout flows and strategies

Noise analysis and prediction: substrate, spurious, random

Variability effects and statistical analyses

You can look at the DesignCon Call for Abstracts page for additional information:

Thank you for your future participation at DesignCon! We hope to see you there.

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