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DesignCon is here !!!

I know you all have been waiting for this blog to be back up 🙂

Well the first post of this year is going to be on DesignCon. Being the chairman for the AMS track, I wanted to create, in addition of the track, some specific events that would relate to behavioral modeling. Behavioral modeling is a vast topic that can be approached through different angles, specifically at a conference as broad as DesignCon.

I put together two events, a tutorial and a panel,  and I got fortunate to get industry experts to present and discuss each domain. I am listing below information for each event.

The tutorial can be accessed at:

As you can see, we are adopting a progressive approach starting from IBIS/spice model , then migrating to a more system level approach (matlab) and concluding with behavioral modeling specific to mixed signal/digital verification (verilogA/AMS, real number modeling). I have interviewed below our speakers to give us more insights on their material.–Mixed-Signal–and-RF

The panel will then conclude our AMS track by discussing those approaches, the motivations behind behavioral modeling but also its future.

Some of the questions:

•Is behavioral modeling a “nice to have” or an essential part of today’s design or verification flow?
•What are the deficiencies in current RF behavioral modeling ?
•How do you deal with true mixed signal blocks and circuits: model it in the analog domain, in the digital domain, or really in both domains?
•Who should drive the next steps in behavioral modeling? Users themselves, EDA / board companies, standardization bodies, or all together?
Considering some of those modeling styles compete with each other and we will have experts in each area in the room, we should have a great panel 🙂
More information on this panel is available at:
Hope to see you there !
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