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UCSC Synopsys AMS Mixed-Signal verification class coming your way this summer !

If you need a very thorough refresh and/or advanced class on Analog Mixed Signal simulation, I have some good news for you 🙂 ! I have been working with a team of experts to create a class on AMS verification for UCSC. I will be teaching this class this summer every Tuesday night from June 19th to July 27th, as part of UCSC evening classes offering. So in addition to enjoy my remarkable teaching skills :), you will hear the latest on Analog Mixed signal verification, from basic simulation topics (design types, analog and digital solvers, communication interface) to more advanced features (Behavioral modeling, real number modeling, AMS verification flow). We designed this class to present some basic concepts first, and to naturally evolve to more complex elements necessary for today AMS and SOC designs. We will be using Synopsys CustomSim-VCS, Custom Designer and CustomExplorer Ultra tools to showcase Synopsys advanced mixed signal solution. Synopsys CustomSim-VCS mixed signal flow has been used successfully by many large corporations and has been chosen for performance, robustness and ease of use.

You can get more information and register using the link below:

Our development team includes experts in both Analog, Mixed Signal and Digital domains: Dave Cronauer, Farzin Rasteh, Fabian Delguste, Aravinda Pondury and Shankar Hemmady worked closely with me to provide an extensive description of Synopsys advanced mixed signal verification flow.

Hope to see you this summer

Shankar Hemmady

Shankar Hemmady is responsible for knowledge sharing and methodology in the Verification Group at Synopsys.  Over the past four years, Shankar took a lead in power-aware verification, and verification planning and management solutions.

Dave Cronauer

Dave worked at Boeing Aerospace creating Spice and MAST models.  He joined Analogy in 1990 doing training, support, and technical marketing for Saber. He is now working on Mixed-Signal Verification tools including CustomSim-VCS, concentrating on Verilog-AMS modeling and support.

Fabian Delguste

Fabian is a Principal CAE at Synopsys / Verification Group. He’s in charge of supporting key accounts in Europe, working on Next Generation VIPs, verification methodologies and has been involved with setting up new methodologies for mixed-AMS verification

Aravinda Ponduri

Aravinda is a Staff CAE at Synopsys, Verification Group. He has been providing the technical support to some of the key customers in North America, and working on the new methodologies for both Digital and mixed-signal verification.

Farzin Rasteh is a Staff CAE at Synopsys, in the Analog Mixed Signal Group. He has been providing  technical support to some of the key customers in North America, and working on the new methodologies for Synopsys mixed-signal verification flow.

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