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Back from DesignCon !

Well, I have to say DesignCon 2012 was a complete success. Attendance was high and many industry topics were covered.

The tutorial we created for DesignCon AMS track was very well received, we had an average of 120 people over 3 hours. I will have a following post where I discussed the content and format with the three speakers and post their presentations, as multiple attendees asked for it. I received really positive feedback from the audience, as it bridged Signal Integrity with Spice simulators. The tutorial also provided various aspects of S-parameter modeling for Signal Integrity. We will probably extend more on this theme next year, with an increased focus on addressing passivity or causality problems while dealing with S-parameters.

As a chairman of the AMS track, it is actually interesting to notice that AMS is on the raise. In addition to an extremely well attended tutorial, we received more papers this year and even had a specific panel on Analog. Focus for the AMS papers were mostly on PLLs, I am hoping to expand it next year to mixed-signal design and simulation challenges as well as behavioral modeling. So if you have any ideas, feel free to send it my way.

The panel “Is Analog making a comeback?” moderated by Brain Bailey included experts in different areas (and yes, we did have our famous Synopsoid Navraj Nandra in the panel). Personally, I don’t think Analog ever left 🙂 (which is good, it means job security for me). There was in this regard not a really definitive answer to this question, as the complexity and challenges of new mixed-signal designs and advanced process nodes makes it hard to measure. However, an emerging trend, confirmed by both SYNOPSYS and CYPRESS, seems to be that Analog is now finding its way into digital periphery products and other generic digital processing ICs.

SYNOPSYS also had its HSPICE SIG event during that week…Great event, DesignCon committee should definitively use the same catering services for next year :). We had more than 120 customers and packed HIP exhibit hall.  I will also talk about this event in more details in a following post, as we had a good crowd and really good technical content from our four speakers.

That’s it for now. ..Until my next post !  A bientot

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