Analog Simulation Insights


Welcome Again!


Do you ever

  • wonder what the latest news is for Synopsys Custom and AMS solution? how others are using Synopsys solutions?
  • wish you had insight into the latest advances in Synopsys solutions?
  • have the urge to send comments to Synopsys team, via your smart phone?

The day you all have been waiting for has finally arrived; our Analog Insights blog is Back! Our mission is to create an interactive place where information can be shared and discussed among our design community, from a pure Analog spice-level circuit to an advanced SOC design.

Because Synopsys Custom and AMS tools portfolio is extremely diverse and comprehensive, our range of topics will vary from analog, RF, to mixed signal from a simulation and design angle. The goal of Analog Insights is to also provide accurate information about the flows or solutions that would benefit our end-users and improve performance and productivity.

For example, you will be able to find:

  • List blogs where we would provide tricks and tips to improve simulator performance and convergence (for example “5 tips to spice up…your PLL design :^), I know you are all disappointed..)
  • Interview blogs with CAD, design, verification, and modeling engineers to get more insight on their work and their best practices using Synopsys AMS tools
  • Technical blogs, where we would go deeper on specific Custom design and AMS subjects
  • Industry analysis blogs, where we would capture incoming hot trends in technologies and describe Synopsys solutions
  • Webinars, Videos showcasing advanced features and/or flows

We of course welcome your inputs and suggestions on how to improve our blog, as we want it to be innovative, instructive and interactive. I hope you would appreciate and use this blog. See you at our next blog!

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