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I was recently at an offsite where CAD engineers, Designers, and Custom Designer developers were all present. We were reviewing capabilities and deployments of Custom Designer in our IP business. One of the CAD engineers was reviewing some capabilities they had implemented using Hercules manipulation of GDS that allowed analog designers to better “see” their designs and optimize the layout.

One of the Custom Designer developers  said, “That capability looks a lot like this new feature that will be released in the up coming version of Custom Designer.” We all got VERY excited when he then demonstrated the beta version of this new feature to the assembled group. It was really cool and very useful. We then asked for a minor extension of the feature and he had that up and running in a trial tcl script within the hour. Sweet. We can hardly wait for the next release.

Later that night at dinner, one of the corporate apps engineers came up to me and said, “You don’t remember do you? I visited you 7 months ago with a list of planned features for CD and you looked it over and said –  “these are all OK but what would be really nice is if you could…” and then you described this new feature. We thought it was a great idea and put it at the top of the list.” I then told him that it was no wonder I had liked the new feature so much but I also told him I was terribly disappointed. When he asked why I was upset I said “Well if I had remembered I had suggested it I could have said ‘7 months – what took you so long!’”.

So when you see the next version of Custom Designer, there is at least one really cool feature that will blow you away (I haven’t seen the other cool one yet – just heard about it). You will know which feature it is because it is so useful. You will also know how we feel to work with an analog design tool that is growing and improving DAILY with developers who listen to us – how sweet it is!

Bob Lefferts

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