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Only Three Months to Get There

For those of you who made it to the recent San Jose SNUG meeting, you may have noticed a presentation titled, “Using Custom Designer to ‘Blow Up’ a Design”. I can assure you there were no pyrotechnics involved – the ‘Blow Up” really meant ‘Scale Up” since the paper detailed how we were able to use the power of Custom Designer to reverse the sands of time.  Our normal IP flow is a forward migration from an existing process node down the scaling curve to a more advanced – smaller – node.  In this case, several customers requested a 130nm implementation of a piece of our production proven IP that had just been released on 65nm. Our customer made this request for a variety of reasons but one key reason was tied to the higher cost of 65nm mask production. Moving the design to 130nm would save them a ton of money even if it seems to be moving backwards.

We pondered how we could do this work within the tight time schedule allotted by the customer. They needed a working design in three months and we didn’t have time to start from scratch.

Enter Custom Designer. In use by hundreds of our Solutions Group analog IP designers, its open framework, features, powerful scripting capabilities and overall flexibility were to be the key to resolving this problem.

For those of you who missed my SNUG presentation, we’ve written it up and posted it on the Synopsys website:

Reverse Process Migration from 65nm to 130nm in Under Three Months



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