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Welcome to the New Custom Design Blog!

Hello, and welcome to our new blog on the state of custom and AMS IC design at Synopsys. We set out some years ago to address the need for alternatives in custom and analog design software, and with the launch of Galaxy Custom Designer in 2008 we are seeing that vision realized.

Synopsys has amassed a powerful presence in the circuit simulation market. Our flagship products, HSPICE and CustomSim, form the backbone of transistor-level design and verification worldwide. Behind these products is a very talented group of individuals who are hard at work on solving some of the thorniest problems facing the EDA market.

Our own digital and analog IP design groups use these products to provide cutting-edge solutions for tough problems. Our proven AIP is used in designs worldwide and before it gets to you, it’s been through the wringer by a set of designers who have no mercy for bad chips.

I’d like to tell you what we have in store for you on this blog.

We have asked two of our most respected thought leaders in their domains to post entries on this blog:
Kishore Singhal: circuit simulation expertise
Bob Lefferts: a user’s perspective designing with Synopsys’ custom design flow
and, of course, I will continue to post my thoughts on custom design and implementation

In the coming weeks, each blogger will post entries on topics in his domains of expertise. You can expect everything from the technical background of the tools, tips and tricks to make you more productive, and ways to extend and integrate your design flows. And every now and then members of our technical teams will also share their experiences with you.

So thanks for reading this reinvigorated Analog Insights blog today. I can guarantee you—there’s a lot more to come!

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