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“Opportunities in Analog Verification”

Planet Analog recently published their list of the most popular articles of 2008 on the Design Center website. I’m not sure if the list is in order of popularity, but it is interesting to see “Opportunities in Analog Verification” right up there with all the digital stuff. The article was written by Saranyan Vigraham of Qualcomm, and the discussion thread which followed is also worth checking out.

One of the comments that stood out for me was Saranyan’s statement that

“the present EDA tools do not focus on methodologies.

Actually, it is not about the EDA companies, analog designers and chip leads have to bring a methodical approach to verifying their chips”

This goes to the point of my recent post on AMS Verification at ICCAD, and the comments that followed. I have said that EDA companies focus way too much on individual tools to the detriment of the complete flows required, especially in the analog/mixed-signal realm. But I also agree totally with Saranyan’s point that the expertise required resides more in the design teams themselves. Vendors and semiconductor companies alike would be more successful by establishing collaborative efforts to make the task of AMS verification less difficult. This is woefully lacking.

I was just listening in on the continuing Accellera AMS discussions for analog assertions this past Tuesday. When time came to ask for volunteers to develop a requirements document, the silence was near deafening. This committee is seriously lacking in a diversity of customer participation, but the EDA representatives were also reluctant to step forward. Everyone can make a case for the tough economic environment, but isn’t that the best reason of all to work closer together?  Or, should we just conclude that analog assertions aren’t that important?

If you don’t believe that, and you have something to say about what EDA vendors are or are not doing for you, then quit your bitching (hey it’s on and join the discussion. You can catch up on the past meetings by going to the Twiki at

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