Analog Simulation Insights



In an earlier post I mentioned the Formal Methods in Computer Aided Design (FMCAD) conference that is being held in Portland, Oregon on November 17-20. This year’s online copy of the program does not show any AMS content, but Kevin Jones commented here recently to let us know that he has been invited to give a tutorial at FMCAD on Analog and Mixed Signal Verification.

Depending on how you read this blog, the comments can be difficult to find, so I want to make sure to bring this to everyone’s attention. To look at some related work from Kevin’s group, you can download their paper from the Formal Verification of Analog Circuits (FAC) ’08 workshop at this link:


p.s. you can always see a list of the latest comments posted to this blog by looking at the “Recent Comments” box on the left side of this blog page. Unfortunately, you can miss that if you only read the latest posts in an RSS reader.

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