Analog Simulation Insights


on the way to Anaheim

Hello Everyone,

Well here I sit at the San Jose airport (SJC), my flight to Orange County delayed by 30 minutes. What else to do but blog about DAC in Anaheim? Fortunately, the free WiFi is working great.

Despite conventional wisdom (?) about DAC interest being in decline, there has been a lot of activity and pre-show excitement in the last week. When rumors of anticipated announcements start flying, you know it’s going to be interesting. None other than John Cooley got the rumor mill going with his article “I got a scoop on the new Synopsys Virtuoso-killer“. You will just have to come by all the Synopsys AMS events at DAC to find out yourself. 🙂

A certain EDA company (that I think used to offer analog tools) won’t be there, but there will be a lot of analog EDA in Anaheim this year.

So maybe it is “the Year for Analog” after all, as GarySmith EDA (GSEDA) has been promoting… but not for who he thinks. (Yes GSEDA… Synopsys has analog simulators!).

Be sure to come back here for the latest news from Anaheim. I plan to be blogging from the floor of DAC, as time permits. Speaking of EDA bloggers… I am amazed at the list that SK Murphy has compiled. He came up with more than 60 fellow bloggers covering some aspect of design methodology and EDA. It’s a shame I won’t be able to make the bloggers “birds of a feather” meeting at DAC, but I encourage all of you to stop by to support the bloggers.


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