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“Spicing things up”… with a British accent

Good Morning Everyone,

For those of you who are reading this in Europe, you may already be familiar with the publication New Electronics, which is edited by Graham Pitcher. I love their tagline – “The Design Cycle Fortnightly” – so British! 🙂

I was interviewed by Graham recently for an article that just came out today: “Spicing things up, how eda companies are taking analogue design beyond Spice simulation”, which you can download from the New Electronics website. If you have read some of my earlier posts concerning interviews with the trade press, you will know that I have had “issues” recently with editors who don’t get the story right after some of these interviews. But I am very happy to say that there are no issues here with Graham’s article. He captured the essence of some important issues that I wanted to highlight for his audience, and that we also focus on here:

  1. The so-called “digital” revolution is enabled by analog, transistor-level designers, The World is Analog… or if you prefer… Analogue!
  2. Analog design is hard and getting harder. Designers must often work in digital processes to meet the demands of lower cost integration with digital circuitry for portable, wireless, and consumer electronics applications.
  3. Significant advances have been made in the analog designer’s #1 “go-to” tool: SPICE. Simulation speed has increased to keep pace with increasing design complexity. New analysis capability focuses on device reliability, variability, and parasitic effects.

I invite you to download the pdf of the article at this link → Spicing things up.

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