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The Top-10 List… 6 months of “Analog Insights”

Hello Everyone,

This blog just celebrated its 6-month anniversary on March-28th, so I thought it might be interesting to stop and take a look at a Top-10 list of the most-read articles so far.

Using “post views” as a measure of popularity (i.e. how often someone clicked on a given post’s URL), here is the ranking of most often-viewed articles since the inception of Analog Insights on Sept-28th, 2007:

1. More on analog synthesis and the non-cognescenti

2. Red Herrings: separating the truth from the hype in SPICE verification tools

In a 3-way tie:

3. … Because digital design is so easy!

4. A few random notes from ISSCC

5. How to subscribe to my blog

Followed by:

6. Design Verification. Analog… meet digital. Digital… meet analog.

7. AMS Verification at DVCon – Part II

8. Hierarchy and Isomorphism in Fast-SPICE simulators

9. AMS Verification at DVCon – part I

10. Reports of the Death of AMS SoCs are Greatly Exaggerated

Is there anything that we can glean from this? Here are my thoughts, but as always – let me know if you agree… disagree… all opinions are welcome.

The one thing that the top 2 articles have in common is that, in each of them, I attempted to debunk myths and dispel misinformation that is all too prevalent in hyped-up EDA marketing campaigns. I believe that you – my readers – will only come back here if you are getting information that is truthful and relevant to your work in analog design and verification. No hype here!

In analog synthesis and the non-cognescenti I addressed the misguided notion that analog design needs to become more like digital, by pointing out that the natures of analog and digital design are so fundamentally different that the tools required are different as well. It is unfortunate that there are so many industry voices still out there in the media and blogosphere that just don’t get that. As in the 2nd most article that I discuss below, this sort of thing distracts from the real issues we should be addressing. The cognoscenti… those of you who actually do analog design… you get it. Thanks for making that article #1! 🙂

In Red Herrings, the topic was FastSPICE simulation – where I addressed marketing campaigns that treat EDA tools like they belonged in a beer commercial… taste great/less-filling.. that sort of thing. That article has been up at the top of the most-viewed list from the day it posted, so that tells me that you all want the truth about how the tools we (EDA) provide can help you solve your problems, and not differentiation through labeling that is better left in the supermarket aisles.

How to subscribe to my blog quickly jumped up to the top 5. Thanks to my colleague Karen Bartleson who publishes The Standards Game, for linking to that article on her blog. I hope that you are checking out the other blogs on this site as well, and that the subscription techniques that I described are helping you to keep up to date.

It was good to meet many of you at the recent SNUG R&D night, and hear in person about the issues in AMS design and verification that are important to you. Here is one of the pics from SNUG (used with the kind permission of Ron Ploof – Synopsys’ New Media Evangelist, SNUG San Jose 2008). On the left is my colleague Godwin Maben, author of the Low Power blog.

Let me know any ideas you have that will make this more helpful to you.


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