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Subscribe to my blog with Outlook 2007

Hi All,

In an earlier post I showed how to subscribe to my blog through My Yahoo! and Google blog readers. Some of you may prefer to be notified of new posts on my blog in the same way that you receive your daily email messages in Microsoft Outlook. If you are using Outlook 2007, the process for adding a blog to your “inbox” is very easy.

If you click on the Tools >> Account Settings function in Outlook 2007 you will see the following window:

Outlook settings

You can see that there is an RSS tab. Select that, and then click on “New…”

In the box for “Enter the location”, you can type the following URL, or cut & paste it from the address that that you get when you click on the RSS icon that you see at the top left corner of this page:

RSS subscribe



The URL above is the RSS feed for my blog. After you have pasted (or typed) it into the “New RSS Feed” box as above, click “Add” and you will see the “RSS Feed Options” box below:

RSS Options

You can accept the defaults and click on “OK”.

Now, when you look at your list of folders in Outlook-2007, you will see that Analog Insights has been added to the RSS Feeds folder. The folder will update automatically when I create a new post, and you can then read it as email.

There you have it… a convenient way to get automatically updated, to read… and  save the latest posts from my blog. 🙂

Let me know how it works for you. I should note that to leave a comment, which I hope that you all do from time-to-time, you will need to return here to this site.


p.s. Meet me on Monday, March 31 at SNUG – Santa Clara.

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