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Correction–Karen Bartleson, First Woman President of the IEEE Standards Association

Posted by Eric Huang on November 10th, 2012


Correction to my last blog entry on Karen Bartleson.

I stated that Karen Bartleson was/is the first woman president of the IEEE.  This was/is incorrect

Karen is the first woman president (now president elect) of the IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors or IEEE-SA BOG. 



IEEE Standards Association Board of Governors 2012 Roster

Read more about the IEEE SA BOG here.


The first woman president of the IEEE was and is Martha Sloan.


You can read about Martha here http://www.ieeeghn.org/wiki/index.php/Martha_Sloan


Apologies for my error.


My thanks to reader Kevin for correcting me on this.

Also thanks for reading my blog and caring enough to correct me.



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