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Wake up, Europe! Open, market-driven standards can help you

Posted by Karen B on October 24th, 2013

Recently I participated in the 5th European Innovation Summit, held in Brussels at the European Parliament. The purpose of the annual summit is to bring perspectives from industry, academia, and government on how Europe can become more innovative. Innovation leads to industry, industry leads to jobs, jobs lead to a better economy. The theme of the event was “The Place for Debate on the Future of Innovation in Europe”.

My message? That leveraging open, market-driven standards can help fuel Europe’s innovation and create new markets.

It was a thought-provoking summit where I learned a lot and hopefully left behind some valuable information about the benefit of market-driven standards.

Here are some photos from the event. (Yes, I’m in all of these pictures, sometimes in a “Where’s Waldo” way.)


Opening ceremony. Lambert van Nistelrooy, Chair of the Governing Board, Knowledge for Innovation Forum of the European Parliament, speaking.


Horizon 2020: from intentions to impact. Panelists speaking about a new program for research and innovation.


Energy transition: opportunities for young people. Small group discussions about the future of energy.

DSC03769 (2) standards1

Beyond Horizon 2020: from funds to market. Avoiding the “valley of death” from research to market, and open, market-driven standards can help.

DSC03789 (2)

Standardization leading to innovation. The OpenStand modern paradigm for standards.

social media

Social media and innovation. Speakers from Facebook and SonicAngel.


Closing ceremony. Knowledge for Innovation sponsors, Friedhelm Schmider, President, and Roland Strauss, Managing Director. That’s me on the right, fading fast.

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