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The Standards Game

What standards do we need now?

Posted by Karen B on February 14th, 2013

Lions Along Water Beneath Vast Sky Africa We are continuously scanning the landscape, looking for areas where new standards are needed for electronic design. Those of us in the standards game have had successes and failures in identifying the needs of the design community for ongoing improvements to interoperability.

I have two questions for you, dear readers.

1. What standards should we develop now?

2. Do we need a compliance lab to test our products’ conformance to existing standards?

Let me know what you think. You can post a comment here, or if you wish to stay out of the public view, feel free to contact me directly. It’s easy to reach me through LinkedIn, Twitter @ karenbartleson, and good old fashioned email and phone.


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4 Responses to “What standards do we need now?”

  1. IEEE Standards are unavailable due to TECHSTREET and I am very upset about it. After two years of fighting this problem I am trying to get something changed about IEEE Standards purchases, which are unacceptable at this time. It is impossible to download IEEE Standards. After talking to Marcus Plessel at IEEE.org it is apparant that TECHSTREET DOES NOT FUNCTION. Please, get something done about it. IEEE Standards is the only reason I am a member of IEEE and not insurance. EDDIE M CHILDS, IEEE SENIOR MEMBER FOR 30 YEARS, PHONE xxx-xxx-xxxx.

  2. Eddie M Childs, PE says:

    Standards are NOT A GAME. Engineers declare and follow a discipline, unlike doctors and lawyers who practice there chosen profession. Electrical Engineers are in high demand and needed in all industries at this time. Maybe you have the time to set on a cloud and look down at what might be accomplished, but the rest of the working class engineers have to get the jobs completed and we need standards to follow our chosen discipline. Staying ahead of changes in engineering is imparative and necessary to be a professional engineer in responsible charge. EDDIE M CHILDS, PE, eddie.childs@asagenergy.com

  3. Karen B says:

    Eddie, I’ll give you a call and talk with the people at the SA who can help with the Techstreet issues you’ve been having. I hope you don’t mind, I x’ed out your phone number to protect your privacy. If you’d like it to be public, please let me know and I’ll put it back.

  4. Karen B says:

    Eddie, “The Standards Game” is not meant to imply that we don’t take standards extremely seriously. As a fellow electrical engineer, I absolutely recognize the importance of standards. In fact, I have dedicated my career and much of my life to standards. I’ve sat on many committees that develop the standards that make today’s complex integrated circuits possible. I’m sorry if you think I’m sitting on a cloud looking down, but in reality I’m working very hard to solve serious issues and make the best possible standards available for people all over the world.