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The Standards Game

A standards struggle of global proportions

Posted by Karen B on January 31st, 2013

fireworks I thought you might find this interesting. As I begin my two-year term as President of the IEEE Standards Association, these are the kinds of standards struggles that I’ll be exposed to. While not diminishing the importance of EDA standards (and the occasional struggle we’ve been through), this standards struggle puts ours in a whole new light, don’t you think?

A bit of background first. The ITU is an assembly of the United Nations which creates international communication standards, among other things. It uses a national-body-based process in contrast to a market-driven process (as most – if not all – EDA standards follow). A treaty, last updated in 1988, called the International Telecommunications Regulations was due for revision last year. And then, global thermo-standards war began…

US says it won’t ratify UN telecom treaty
By Jennifer Martinez     – 12/13/12 05:33 PM ET
The United States said Thursday that it will not sign a United Nations telecommunications treaty that U.S. technology companies warn would disrupt governance of the Internet and open the door to online censorship.

Full text

There are numerous articles about this topic. Let me know if you’d like me to post some more of them.

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