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The Standards Game

OpenStand Principle 5: Voluntary adoption

Posted by Karen B on December 13th, 2012

“Voluntary adoption” is the last principle of the OpenStand modern paradigm for global standards. Suppliers are free to choose whichever standards they want to implement in their products. Consumers are free to choose the products they prefer. The market determines the success of the standards.

In our industry, this is a given. Market-driven standards are the way we do things. If our standards choices were taken away by national representation groups or government agencies, I suppose we wouldn’t have as many “standards wars”. But I do think it would stifle innovation and reduce our competitiveness.

Competition in the marketplace is what fuels better products and drives innovation, both of which support growing and mature economies, ultimately benefiting society. The freedom for vendors of products and services to select the best possible standards is an essential element of a global economy.

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