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The Standards Game

For example… (the OpenStand paradigm)

Posted by Karen B on December 27th, 2012

The design automation industry serves a global market. Semiconductor design is performed in countries all over the world. Our products rely on standards for quality and interoperability. SystemVerilog, UPF, UVM, and SystemC are just a few of the numerous standards we use that were developed under the OpenStand paradigm. The market-driven standards paradigm didn’t have a name when we created these standards, but the principles were there and we employed them whether we knew it consciously or not.

Beyond the design automation industry, there are countless examples of global, market-driven standards. They have been benefiting humankind for decades and continue to do so. Internet standards, USB, mp3, and even the icky old QWERTY de facto standard touch our lives every day.

If you spot the OpenStand badge out there anywhere, be sure to let me know. It will be good to see the modern paradigm for global standards become recognized for what it has done and will do for society.

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