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The Standards Game

OpenStand Principle 4: Availability

Posted by Karen B on November 29th, 2012

The fourth principle, “Availability”, was challenging to develop, as you might imagine. Global standards must be readily available to everyone if they are to be adopted without barriers. OpenStand calls for standards to be made available under fair terms.

In today’s world, some standards organizations give their standards away at no cost while others charge nominally for them. To encompass different business models of standards organizations, the OpenStand definition of “fair terms” ranges from royalty-free to FRAND (fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory).

It’s important that I emphasize again: standards development is not without cost. The OpenStand paradigm addresses this practicality by recognizing and respecting the ways that standards organizations fund themselves so they can continue to do their work.

Standards organizations have to determine what resources they need and how they will obtain the resources. Membership dues, sale of standards, government funding, and industrial donations are some of the ways that standards organizations finance their operations and pay their bills. OpenStand understands this.

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