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    Darcy Pierce

    I’m a bay area native and SCU alum with a passion for all things social and the power marketing. I’m a huge advocate for how the digital world has changed the buying process, and has therefore made social media a necessity to all business (yes, even high-tech B2B). My closest friends know me as a huge Disney geek that’s really just a big kid at heart. I’m proud to love what I do and feel fortunate to be able to share my experiences with you.

    Hannah Conrad

    My passion for social media sparked in an internship and was fully ignited in an internet marketing course at Santa Clara University. I believe that social media is simply a marketing technology with a powerful reach. My job at Synopsys is to strategize and educate to make social media part of the marketing mix. On a personal note, I love roller coasters, going to the beach, camping, and working with children.

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How to Use Facebook to Better Your Professional Self

Posted by Hannah Conrad on November 15th, 2013

Many professionals claim they like to keep their work lives separate from their personal lives. On many points, we agree with this, but we also believe that social media is one of the greatest outlets for making sure you stay informed in your profession.

We are going to demonstrate how your Facebook feed can become a rich place for news that captures both your personal interests and your professional ambitions. The Synopsys Facebook page will be used as an example.

When you are on social media, it is nice to have control over who you are friends with. Choosing not to be friends with colleagues or professional partners on Facebook is a work/life separation preference that is completely acceptable. But as you sit on your couch after dinner and scroll through your Facebook home feed, can you really leave your professional self at work? As humans, we each have personal desires to better ourselves, including  our professional selves. You may be nodding your head in agreement, but how does Facebook fit into this?

Today, nearly every company has a Facebook page. You’re assignment? Start “Like”ing them. What’s your favorite store? “Like” their Facebook page. What’s your favorite restaurant? “Like” their Facebook page. Find your favorite sports team and “Like” them.

Now, what industry do you work in? Who are the industry leaders? Your customers? Your partners? Your competitors? Find their Facebook pages and “Like” them all. Next time you are on Facebook, you will start to see posts from these pages fill your home feed. No one will force you to click on any of the posts, but we guarantee that your interests will be peaked by the November special at your favorite restaurant and possibly by the webinar in your field of expertise.

Here is a snap shot of a Synopsys post showing up in Hannah’s Facebook home feed. Below it is a $10 off offer by BarkBox NYC. Another scroll down would have revealed a picture of one of Hannah’s best friend’s baby.

Once you start following companies in your industry, you can expect to find a variety of content, including, but not limited to:

  • Events/Webinars
  • Video demos
  • Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Product news
  • White papers
  • Photos

Here are several examples from Synopsys:


Video Demo:

Blog Post:


Product News:

White Paper:


Thank you for reading! Please leave your comments and questions in the comment section below.


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